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Use your own TV
as a Digital Sign or Digital Menu

Use any computer to manage the content. Or use our cloud-based software to manage the content of your screen.

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Increase Your Sales With Digital Signs

Unlike conventional boards or posters, digital screens display dinamic content that draw more customers into your store. Digital screens are also easier to update and maintain.

Outdoor and Indoor Window Signage

Grab the attention of potential customers with clear and dynamic content.

Digital Menu Boards

Keep your customers engaged with dynamic content and keep your menu up to date.

Promotional Displays

Never again miss an occasion to promote your products or services.

Overall 1k+ businesses are using digital signs, don't wait any longer.

Today's businesses need to capture customers attention using eye-catching content. Digital screens enhance any store window, or wall and it help to drive up your sales.

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Conferences & Shows Stand Alone Screens
Digital Menu Boards Bar & Restaurants
Promotions & Branding Retailshop & Supermarkets
Digital Menu Boards

We design digital menus,
digital signs, and any digital content.

We are Web Marketing & Content Co. we create digital content for any industry. We do digital menu boards for the hospitality industry, we create digital content like promos or infomercials, our content is consumed by your customers while they eat or while they shop or while they wait in your waiting room. We do personalized content.


Digital Signage in Action

We have digital signage solutions for every industry. .

Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Mostly used to show the menu of a restaurant, but digital screens can help you promote special offers. Using dynamic content your customers can learn more about the services your restaurant offers, like delivery or seasonal promotions. Remember a picture sells 10X more than a word.

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Digital Signs for Hotels
Hotels Digital Signage or Video Walls

You can provide a better experience to your guests with dynamic content on your digital screens. Showing basic things like the weather or places to visit while in town. You can also promote your hotel services while the guest is checking in, a screen will capture the guest attention, always!

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Digital Content for Supermarkets

Boost your sales adding digital screens and dynamic content to your supermarket. Inform your customers about current and upcoming promotions. Update quickly the content and save money, no need to print any more paper posters. Digital screens attract customers attention better than paper posters.

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Real Estate

Stand out from the crowd, a digital screen will help you show your inventory to passing by potential customers, digital screens are bright and easier to read from the distance than traditional display methods. A digital screen will increase the engagement with the use of interactive content that you can update quickly and easily.

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Waiting Rooms

Optimize your customers or patients experience with digital signage and dynamic content. Maintain your patients informed while waiting, present your patients content that is current and practical for them. Entertain them while waiting. Dynamic content is a source of usable content.

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Events demand bigger solutions, video walls or large-sized display solutions are very impresive, large displays attract the audience view. A combination of large displays and high quality digital content will deliver a good experience for the audience and then for your customers.

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Retail Shops - Indoor & Outdoor Window Signage

A digital screen at your retail shop will increase the foot trafic to your store. Digital screens are eye catching and the dynamic content will help you promote your products. It will also be easier to update the content for seasonal promotions. A digital screen is also a good way to inform your clients about future sales or promotions.

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